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A Separation (2014)

A Separation, photo by Camille Greenwell

A Separation is a performance by Colin, Simon and I. It was first presented at Lilian Baylis Studio, London, on Thursday 27 March 2014, as part of Eva Recacha’s Wild Card evening. Most recently it was performed as part of the Open House Festival at Dance House Lemesos in Limassol, Cyprus (22 November 2014), and at Festival Hate Neimeenster, Luxembourg (1 September 2016).

Previously we’ve explored violence, care and the things that draw us together and unite us. In this project we focused on what separation might be in collaboration.

We had a first development of A Separation at Choreodrome at The Place in the summer of 2013. We then continued working on the project at Trinity Laban, Roehampton Dance, and around cafes in London.

Performance and choreography: Colin Poole and Simon Ellis
Lighting design: Jackie Shemesh

A Separation (2:30 min edit) Video and edit: Stacie Lee Bennett

A Separation was selected as a priority work for Aerowaves 2015.

Image: Camilla Greenwell

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