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Because We Care (2012)

Because We Care is a performance project by Colin, Simon and I. It is about ways of relating: between men, and between audiences and performers. Because We Care premièred at The Place, London on 8 June 2012, and was also presented at the Nightingale Theatre in Brighton (UK) on Saturday 25 January 2014.

Because We Care (3:45min edit)
Video: Tim Halliday
Edit: Simon Ellis and Colin Poole

Performance and choreography: Colin Poole and Simon Ellis
Lighting design: Jackie Shemesh
Costume: Theo Clinkard
Props: Amy Watson
Choreographic support: Chris Bannerman, Joanne Bob” Whalley and Lee Miller

Research and development blog:

Video trailer:

Colin and Simon met at a Choreodrome workshop at The Place in London in 2007. Two years later they worked together to develop an initial version of Colin, Simon & I which they showed at Touch Wood at The Place in 2009. Early in 2011 they began working together again — both in and out of the studio — to generate new ideas for a project that reflected an increased understanding of their collaborative relationship, and their mutual interest in communication, reflection, risk and adventure. Because We Care is the culmination of this process.

Because We Care, photo by Benedict Johnson

Image: Benedict Johnson

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