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No Conflict Here (2018) Jul 7, 2018 work A performance presentation. Dance Studies Association Conference, Malta, Saturday 7 July 2018. In this work we address and discuss the ways in which Portrait (2016) Dec 12, 2016 work 52 Portraits is a project by Jonathan Burrows, Matteo Fargion, and Hugo Glendinning. We were invited to perform a portrait in December 2016. Lyrics Our White Friend (2016) May 21, 2016 work Our White Friend is a performance project by Colin, Simon and I. It premièred at Independent Dance London on 21 May 2016. Tim Wise is an American Silence Oct 30, 2014 work is a performance-discussion by Colin, Simon and I that explores the intuitive and counter-intuitive ways in which silence is at play in our Collaboration, Violence and Difference (2014) Sep 25, 2014 work Collaboration, Violence and Difference is an essay in which we discuss two key aspects of the development and performance of Because We Care, and A Separation (2014) Mar 27, 2014 work A Separation is a performance by Colin, Simon and I. It was first presented at Lilian Baylis Studio, London, on Thursday 27 March 2014, as part of Because We Care (2012) Jun 8, 2012 work Because We Care is a performance project by Colin, Simon and I. It is about ways of relating: between men, and between audiences and performers. Colin, Simon and I (2009) Sep 20, 2009 work In this project we spent six weeks together in a Choreodrome residency at The Place in London. We were interested in two key ideas: Responsibility: